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Fognano urbano


Masterplan  - direct commission
60.000m2 Parma

2010 – 2016

Dr. Francesco Cerutti - Geologist


The urban planning project 26Fb9 is a study commissioned by landowners to analyze the urban potential of the area.

According to the guidelines and the provincial development plan, the ratio of surface area to total square meter must not be high and the green surface that must be sold to the common target (public parks) must exceed 50%. 

Being a real project, it must take into account all the appropriate regulations and calculations; these rules, however, do not take into account the spatial quality, but only the architectural boundaries, square meters and sizes. The main priority was to combine this with strict rules as to reflect contemporary urban living with a certain type of organization and composition to provide the opportunity to deliver a valid solution for both individuals and investors.


Based on these criteria, the aim of the project is to provide different housing types, already present in the surrounding district, and organize the buildings in a manner that provides a green area with a compact and precise character, and not just an urban crop. 

The access to this new part of the neighborhood is by a roundabout on Via Cremonese, an important street linking the northwest province of Parma with the city. Secondary connections are organized on the basis of what exists street.


Beginning with the concept of green spaces and roads, I tried define a clear boundary of the limits of the neighborhood by inserting, in the west part, a wall of a single family house; this orientation helps to separate the rural and urban landscape. 

This choice but to manifest itself as a sign in the area decided to guarantee anyway the maximum m2 Buildable while putting themselves in a respectful and "camouflage". The seam between the district and the limit is occupied by subsidized housing: 4-story buildings, each containing 8 apartments. I placed the largest single-family villas in the south, overlooking the head of the park.


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Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090