Airport LUG


USI-AAM 2010

Agno-Lugano, Ticino CH 

Design studio Quintus Miller Assistant Arquint Men Duri, Polli Nicolà, Von der Schulenburg Julian 

crit. Silvia Gmür


The entire design of the airport uses replica pillars to manipulate both inside and outside space according to its function. Along the perimeter of the airport, the pillars are widely distributed to create a definite boundary between the ‘land-space’ outside the airport, and the ‘air-space’ found within. Both the designated land and airspace define and emphasis this boundary, with the urban sprawl and greenery of the outside juxtaposing against the barren land found within. The green park adjacent to the airport acts as an acoustic filter between the airport and the city, as well as a public recreation area. The pillars themselves become closer or further apart depending on the specific function of a particular space, creating some areas which you are able to see through, and others which are entirely closed off. In places, the row of pillars will divide, creating space for the service areas of the airport. In this space, the distribution of the pillars will depend on whether the space is used for interactions with the public (open), or whether it is a defined private space (closed). Whilst the same solid roof covers both the service space and the public terminal space, the height of the service area behind the pillars is split to create two floors for greater efficiency of the space provided. The height of the public terminal space (and airplane hangars), however, is equal to that provided by the pillars. There are three connections between the land-space and air-space within the terminal; not only do these connections house the security areas, but they also cause a split in the tension created by the pillars that is seen across the entire perimeter of the airport. Whilst the surrounding mountains and lake restrict the maximum dimensions of the airport, the terminal buildings are designed as to provide a quick service with maximum efficiency, ideal for the types of traveller the airport serves.




23 Sep 2010 - 15 Nov 2010 

Palazzo Canavée - Via Canavée 5 CH-6850 - Mendrisio 



MAD Rapporto attività didattiche 

20cm x 20cm 


MAP, Mendrisio, 2010

Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090