Atelier House 


USI-AAM 2010

Farringdon Rd. Clerkenwell Rd, London, UK 

Design studio: Walter Angonese Assistant: Axel Back, Gianluca Gelmini 

(crit Alberto Ponis, Gianluca Saibene) 


The atelier is based in the historically industrial area of Farringdon, London, characterised by close-knit streets coupled with tall, timeworn buildings. The site itself is situated in the centre point of three converging side streets, a quirk that is maintained by the division of the atelier into three separate buildings. These individual buildings create a flow of pedestrian traffic between these streets, with the small urban square formed by the separate structures acting as the heart. This public space can be used for events either by occupants of the atelier, or by the students of the nearby Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Away from this central core, each of the buildings are easily accessible from the street level, from which service lifts can be accessed from the two larger ateliers.

The height and shape of each of the three buildings has been designed according to its respective view from each of the three individual streets. A consequence of this is the difference in the number and size of the ateliers spaces found within each building. The tallest building incorporates 12 spaces of 350m2, whilst the remaining two buildings contain 3 spaces of 500m2 and 4 spaces of 50-75m2, respectively. Each of the buildings is constructed around a concrete core, which together with the enveloping bricks, provides required structural integrity;  wide windows are integrated into the design through large metal structures as seen from the façade.

Within each building, the individual ateliers are divided over three levels in an open-floor plan to incorporate separate spaces designed specifically for work, living and sleeping, respectively. This design allows the manipulation of natural light to suit the purpose of each individual floor. Natural light indirectly fills the large working area, whilst at the same time direct light enters the central, living space, together with the panoramic view afforded by the wide windows. The enclosed space reserved for sleeping above delivers a soft light ideally suited for its purpose.   



MAD Rapporto attività didattiche 

20cm x 20cm 


MAP, Mendrisio, 2012

Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090