Garden‘s pavillion


open competition - Archivio, Diseño y Arquitectura México DF
Temporary pavillion 50m2 - 
Garden of Barragan‘s house, Ciudad de México



Alice Busani, Cecilia Marzullo
Ing. Melegari Maria Rosa - Consultants structure


The design of a pavilion is often determined by the relationship between the architectural design and the surrounding environment; for this purpose, it is often useful to view a pavilion as a construction within a pre-determined natural structure. With this in mind, the garden is an integral part of this pa- vilion, cleverly molding the pavilion together within its setting; in this way, the garden and pavilion are able to exist as one, whilst the garden is simulta- neously fragmented by the composition of the pavilion.

The design of the pavilion encompasses the entire space of the garden within the surrounding walls to the north of the house. Approaching the structure from this direction will position you in the corner of the square composi- tion, whilst the layout of the design gives the impression that you are appro- aching a number of different pathways rather than a barrier.

The roof of the pavilion is anchored to four pillars that are rooted to the ground. These pillars are composed of four large rotating panels, elliptical in design, giving guests the opportunity to engage with the structure, as well as the space found within it. These pillars allow the pavilion to exist in a variety of alternative formations, all born out of the same design.









Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090