Topography of domestic flows


Installation - Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Luzern ABL

2–5 Sept. 2015 - Tödistrasse 17 Luzern


Alice Busani, Fulvio De Bastiani

Johanna Saxen - Photo


The work that we’re going to present you is an exaltation / interpretation of the not used domestic space. 

The repetitive flows that people generate day by day are traces who consume the space, are shaped on people’s movement and are creating the trail of people’s days.


We want to open a discussion about the potential of the living space which we think is too contaminated by a general sense of arrange the furniture or by moving in a space generated from it, thus losing the real potential and beauty of the house spaces, “the domesticity”.


Our image of the istallation is a spontaneous but also commune movement who with movement repetition leave a trail, like a mountain path.

Movements as signs / traces / footprints like a real concept of topographic who create unusual domestic landscape where the unused space have a different level then the used one.

A physical topography in the space as an interactive architectural installation where the observer can look, walk on, touch, and study the different flows of a simple apartment case and think about what could be the space’s potential.







Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090