Museum of Bavarian History, Regensburg 


open competition - Staatliches Bauamt Germany

Museum Regensburg


Alice Busani, Cecilia Fossati
Laura Bragalini - Collaborator
Doc.phd Gregory Tomlinson - Consultants environmental sustainability


Towering tall and uncompromising above the danube in regensburg, the building is a landmark of bavarian culture. Rather than merely housing relevant pieces of various cultural and historical merit, the design itself becomes intertwined into the history of bavaria. The structural design of the interior of the building creates a unique pattern within; specifically, the individual butterfly-shaped pillars allow an intricate separation of various displays whilst simultaneously maintaining a semi-interactive open space. The various displays around the museum are divided into a number of different routes that meet together in the centre of a towering open area. additionally, natural light cascades down from the top of the pillars through periodic gaps in the floor, filling the building with unique light patterns. with specific reference to the history of regensburg itself, the museum is envisioned as a cathedral of the new era.


MBH02  MBH05

Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090