Una casa mediterranea per Mimmo Jodice


USI-AAM 2007

Praiano, Amalfi coast, Italy 

Design studio Valentin Bearth - Assistant Mihail Armei, Stefanie Hitz 

crit. Nicola di Battista, Mimmo Jodice


The house is on built on a flat portion of the steep rock face of the Amalfi coast that sharply divides the small town of Pariano, from which there are spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, as well as of the island of Capri to the West and of the small town of Conca Dei Marini to the East. It is this orientation, as well as the interactive relationship between land, sea and light, that determines both the positioning and shape of the house. On one side, the rock face supplies a feeling of closeness, whilst on the other side the sea offers an liberating sense of vastness. The shape of the long house is defined by the precise framing of the respective views of Capri and Conca Dei Marini at opposite ends of a horizontal axis. The large open room plan is divided into a sequence of separate spaces through the interaction between land and sea within each room, each providing the appropriate functionality and meaning. The kitchen is designed so as to give a solid sensation that the room is part of the rock face, and vice versa, supplying a particular freshness within. Upon moving through the house and entering the dining room, large windows bring in the wide views of the sea whilst maintaining a relationship with the adjacent landscape. The adjoining living room is devoted to the expansive and humbling views of the ocean, providing a calming ambience throughout.   The modest guesthouse is accessible by the terrace, and the private part of the house is located opposite; this part of the house hosts spacious sleeping quarters with a large bathroom and private terrace.




edited by di Mihail Amariei 

20 x 24 cm, 352 pp. 500 ill. col. and b/w 

English / Italian 

ISBN 978 88 876 24 56 4

Alice Busani
dipl. architetto USI-AAM
OAPPC della Provincia di Parma n.1090